Our experts are experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of management and behavior at work.

Comprehensive solutions customized according to customer needs

Thorough understanding of work and leadership behavior and modern recruitment processes forms the basis of our operations. Our broad range of services that support one another ensures ideal solutions for all stages of working life. Our customer relationships, some of which even span over decades, are an indication of our reliable and functional services.

All of our personnel assessments are conducted by certified psychologists who also have strong business understanding and long-term experience in the needs of different organizations.

Strengths of our leadership development specialists include knowledge of leadership in different organizations and understanding of different fields based on long-term experience.

Our recruitment specialists are experienced HR partners who understand modern recruitment methods and channels, as well as communication methods that support a positive employer image.

We invest in high-quality services and the continuous development of the expertise of our specialists and our methods and systems. We measure the impact and accuracy of our services on a regular basis.

Customized services and partnerships are at the core of our customer work. You have access to all of our services smoothly and quickly through an appointed contact person.

Psycon's partners

We have formed partnerships with HR consultancies around the Baltic Sea region. Through these partnerships, Psycon is able to serve its client even better with their business plans concerning Russia and the Baltic region.

Our partners are

  • Assessit in Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • Primum Esse in Lithuania        
    Primum Esse

Psycon’s history began in 1953

Psycon’s over 60-year history was started in a former garage by three open-minded psychologists who followed the latest trends. Read the whole story.