During my fall leave, I attended an earthshakingly great gig at Tampere Hall: Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana. And even though the concert carried me into a world of its own in the moment, as is my custom, I was left pondering what I had experienced and seen: the different roles in the band, the smoothness of their cooperation, the joy of their work. If the gig was a well-practiced show and the members of the group do not really enjoy each other's company, they are not only skilled musicians, but also excellent actors. However, as my usual approach is a positive one, I believe what I saw.


All-encompassing experience as a result of work

I could write a long essay on the gig experience, but I will single out a few observations that might be adapted to other work contexts as well. In a way, it was a normal day at work for them – the audience got to see a small part of it. It would be great to be able to do something that gives the recipient goosebumps during your workday – preferably in the positive sense.

Synergy and stellar moments

The big orchestra included a number of skilled musicians and masters of different instruments, with each one getting their moment in the limelight. Everyone got to be a star in turn, getting their own personal round of applause. On the other hand, when playing together they achieved something that none of them could have done on their own. They had front-row seats to witness the fruit of their cooperation, and they seemed to enjoy their work, have a good time, and take pride in their achievement. The band's conductor and the composer of the songs was busy at the front, creating possibilities for shared success and sort of coloring a common thread in the story, while not forgetting to give acknowledge the party that earned it each time. 

The trio of rappers performing in front of the Big Band all also have their own careers elsewhere (as do the members of the Big Band). In the eyes of the audience, or at least in mine, they seemed to be quite different types of personalities on the stage, yet they fit there to perform side by side. Even though their approaches differed, the big picture did not crumble or seem conflicting. It was a case of realizing a common plan in a beautiful and harmonious way with artistic freedom. The objective and the big picture were clear to everyone, which made it possible not only to support each other on the stage, but also to provide different interpretations and views of the same material. 

Learning lessons from art for work

Achieving all of the things that sent shivers down my spine during the gig naturally requires a lot of work and talent. Yet it is amazing to witness how someone can be part of something so magnificent in their work. Everyone knows that I'm an essential part of something big, but so are all of the others here. The result of the work is presented handsomely, wearing stylish suits in a magnificent setting, while receiving an ovation from the audience. And they certainly did earn each and every clap. I will never achieve anything so impressive – maybe it's not my thing; nor should it be. But the joy of doing things together, taking pride in your own and others' skills, and enjoying the result of shared efforts should be strengthened in one way or another, as should better utilization of different views and interpretations.