We’re here, online!



Taking care of ourselves, and you 

In this exceptional situation, we want to do everything we can to slow the spread of the coronavirus. We have transferred all our services online, and we also minimize employee mobility and face-to-face meetings.

There for you remotely

People and encounters are still important. We’re not giving them up now, but we have moved them online. Therefore, our operations will continue as before, for all our services. The current difficult and unpredictable situation raises many concerns and puts supervisors and management in completely new positions. Our work psychology and management professionals are also present for you remotely. 

Personnel assessments carried out virtually

We provide our personnel assessment customers with information on remote assessments, and assist with smooth teleworking, for example by means of video instructions. For a few years now, we have been actively creating location-independent models for our services. Thanks to these efforts, assessments carried out online use the same individual and group simulations and other psychological assessment methods as face-to-face evaluations–there is no compromising on quality online.