The potential assessment helps you to identify what type of competence your organization has. It helps you to motivate the talent you want to grow in your organization towards more responsible roles.

The potential assessment, or potential survey, is an excellent tool when you need to identify what types of skills and capabilities your organization has, how they could be best utilized and what kind of development potential is available. Participants obtain support for personal development, and they are also able to find more suitable career opportunities in the organization. This increases both motivation and commitment.

The potential assessment helps you to identify what type of potential your organization lacks. In this way, you can define objectives for future personnel resources and recruitment.

The potential assessment can be conducted on an individual or group level. It is also possible to engage large groups of participants, such as young talents or skilled employees who evolve from specialists into managers. During various changes, such as business restructuring, the potential assessment produces valuable information to support reorganization and to identify key development and training needs.

A psychological personnel assessment supports the identification of resources

We use the methods of a psychological personnel assessment to identify potential. In potential assessment, we identify the skills, motivation factors, strengths and development areas of employees from a broader perspective than in a position-specific suitability assessment.

Participants receive support for development

We discuss the results of the potential assessment with the participants during a coaching feedback session, where the participants can explore their strengths and talk about their development areas. Following the potential assessment coaching or a 360 assessment can be used to monitor and support concrete changes.

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