Psycon's 360 assessments help supervisors and experts to succeed.

The 360 assessment is a real-time survey that collects comprehensive feedback from your supervisor, colleagues and partners. It helps you to identify your organization's human capital and potential, and to guide supervisors towards the desired development direction.

360 assessment: a guide to better performance

Psycon's 360 assessment is a method that produces structured feedback on the visible managerial and interactive behavior of the person being assessed. The 360 measurement and  feedback can be used as a separate development method or as part of development programs, coaching or Management Audit.

The 360 assessment

  • boosts the development of supervisors and experts, and guides activities in the desired direction
  • supports the development of the leadership culture and helps to communicate the organization's goals and to put them into practice
  • promotes the organization's feedback and discussion culture
  • helps to identify human capital and potential
  • leads to correct means of development through a feedback discussion.

Easy to implement and modify

We offer a service that the customer can easily implement. Our 360-assessment tool is based on long-term research and development, and it is ideal for all levels of management. To support demanding expert work, we have customized a separate indicator for key employees other than supervisors.

The indicator comes in several language versions, and the form can be completed on nearly any device. Psycon's user support helps you with any problems and ensures that all responses can be collected. Reports are easy to read and their key points are easy to perceive. In addition to our general 360 indicators, we can also customize an indicator according to your company's values or leadership principles.

Results immediately into use

Individuals taking part in our 360 assessment receive broad feedback on their work from four different groups: their supervisors, employees or partners and their colleagues, as well as their self-assessment. The feedback helps participants to identify their strengths and development needs. Results are available in a few weeks.

Individuals taking part in Psycon's 360 assessment appreciate especially the personal feedback discussion and any practical development activities arising from it.

It is highly useful to include a feedback discussion led by our specialist in our 360 assessment in order to define development activities. Clear mutually defined development goals give motivation to make a change, and its fulfillment should be verified through regular monitoring.

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