Career training ensures that competence remains available to your organization and improves the wellbeing of your personnel.

Career coaching offers support during changes

Career coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on careers and on steering them in a new direction. Career coaching helps you to maintain competence in your organization, where it can best be utilized. It also increases enjoyment and motivation.

Internal restructuring is always associated with the risk of unwanted employee turnover and any drops in efficiency. Career coaching supports the engagement of key employees and improves internal job rotation. When the career of an individual comes to a crossroads, such as when an employee assumes new responsibilities or is assigned to work abroad, career coaching ensures that business goals linked with the individual's role can be reached.

Our career coaching is always built from a personal point of view, and it always emphasizes the goals and assets of the individual and the company. The coach offers support during the controlled implementation of changes by means of concrete interim objectives and their continuous assessment and monitoring.

During dismissals, the employer can support the re-employment of the dismissed employees by using our outplacement services.