Our development programs standardize leadership practices and speed up the implementation of the strategy. Our development programs emphasize solutions and insight.

Visible changes in leadership and supervisory work

The activities of managers and supervisors are reflected in the entire organization and its results. By using a customized development program, you can standardize your leadership practices and the ability of your supervisors to reach business goals in their areas of responsibility.

Typically, the programs are implemented as part of the organization’s development and change processes or they are targeted for needs of each supervisory level. Permanent and visible changes can be achieved by combining personal and group coaching. These programs can also include your company's own sections or content. Our large group of coaches has experience in different fields, and we can always put up a team that is ideal for your needs.

Our development programs receive nothing but positive feedback from their participants, ranging from connections to practices and customer situations. The impact of our programs has been verified through improved supervisory assessments.

Solutions for various situations

The implementation method of a development program depends on the scope and significance of the changes to be achieved. Program planning starts by defining the target state of leadership, after which suitable development methods can be selected. In addition to group coaching, we also offer personal coaching and assessment methods that support development.

Our development programs cover, for example, the following themes:

  • the role and development as a supervisor
  • change management
  • development of the leadership culture and conflicting expectations for leaders
  • challenging situations of interaction and feedback discussions
  • communication, networking and influencing skills
  • team building dynamics and virtual teams
  • recruitment, employer image and job candidate experience
  • performance management and coaching leadership
  • personal efficiency and self-management
  • support for engagement and facilitating methods
  • development of wellbeing at work.