70% of new executives have difficulty adapting to a new work culture and its standards.*​

With the Psycon Uplift services, you can support your new key person in adopting their role. This ensures that your organization benefits from their full potential from the get-go.

Uplift enables people to adopt their new roles more quickly and also supports recruitment

Uplift helps your new key person adapt to your corporate culture and ways of working.  Uplift is a personal, yet compact and goal-oriented coaching program to support new employees in learning their new roles. Uplift also strengthens a positive employer image and increases commitment. In challenging recruitment in particular, the personal Uplift coaching program may be the decisive factor that makes your organization stand out and attracts the best applicants.

Uplift helps you make effective use of psychological personnel assessments and support the employee in trusting their strengths. Uplift services can also be used without personnel assessments to support the adoption of new roles in corporate reorganization situations, as part of succession planning and to support strategic change projects. 

  • Highlights the strengths of the key person.
  • Individual program, allocated for the development needs of the key person.
  • Compact and explicit.

Uplift meets a wide range of needs

Uplift offers two options with different durations. Clear content and a fixed-rate price make the service easy to take on. 
The programs include coaching sessions, tailored exercises in the workplace and the assessment of success. The supervisor may participate in the program and in assessing its results to the extent that they deem necessary. 

Uplift 100

A three-month personal coaching program aiming for the effective adoption of a new role. 

Uplift 200

A six-month personal coaching program aiming for the effective adoption of a new role and for making use of personal strengths. The Uplift 200 program includes a 360-degree assessment, among many other features.

Coaches at Psycon

Psycon’s coaches are seasoned experts in leadership and work behavior. All our coaches are qualified to work as a coach,
supervisor or psychotherapist.


Our customers can include Uplift in their services through their familiar contact person at Psycon.  Annastiina and Pauliina, our Uplift experts, would also be happy to help you.

Annastiina Mäki
Annastiina (PhD) is an experienced executive coach with in-depth expertise in the development of organizational culture. You can contact her to discuss the content and applications of the Uplift concept. You can reach Annastiina bye-mail or by calling +358 20 710 1252.


* Harvard Business Review 2017: Egon Zehnder, survey of 588 executives​