Independent research guarantees quality and reliability.

We want to offer the best modern tools to our customers

This is why we invest heavily in our independent research and development. This ensures the full monitoring of quality and the best services in the market.

The aim of our R&D is

  • to continuously develop new methods
  • to use modern tools
  • to conduct research that meets scientific criteria
  • to monitor the actual impact of our services
  • to continuously develop our professional skills.

PsyconLab offers the perfect methods for Finnish working life

There are many useful personnel assessment tests available on the market, but not many of them can be applied as such to Finnish working life. Therefore, we have developed most of our personnel assessment methods ourselves. We provide our customers with methods that are ideal for their current needs and that are based on the most recent research data.

Psycon's tests feature exceptionally comprehensive background material: samples of several tens of thousands of people offer a unique opportunity to customize averages and other statistics for each customer need, while the tests produce comparable results for each target group. As a result, the personnel assessment process is fair and equal, also for the person being assessed. As the error margin is low, the tests also produce reliable estimates.

Solid validation process

We set tight criteria for the methods used in our personnel assessments.  Many of our methods applied to our ability and personality tests have also been validated in international scientific journals. Professor Adrian Furnham (University College London), one of our partners, has been involved in ensuring that the theoretical background of our methods is solid.