Our recruitment specialists help you in individual recruitment processes or in larger campaigns.

Our recruitment consultants act as planners and doers in individual recruitment processes and larger campaigns. We can be in charge of the entire project or offer assistance in specific recruitment phases. In addition, we support organizations to standardize and boost their recruitment processes. We also offer reliable personnel assessment services to support your recruitment decisions.

We are specialized in filling demanding expert and supervisory positions and in recruiting key managerial employees.

In the field of recruitment, things happen, and fast. The range of new recruitment methods, media and tools broadens continuously. We are actively monitoring what takes place in the recruitment field.

Our activities are guided by our five customer promises.

  1. Quality thinking: We provide a positive recruitment experience that supports the recruiting company, as well as a positive recruitment experience for each applicant and recruiting supervisor.
  2. Individual approach: Every recruitment is unique. We always pay attention to the characteristics of the business field, organization, the position available, and the target group. With us, employers and job-seekers alike always deal with people, not machines, and receive personal service.
  3. Openness: Recruiting companies always have access to all the job application documents in our recruitment system. We keep applicants informed of the progress throughout the process and give them feedback.
  4. Quickness: A speedy schedule engages the recruiting organization and potential talents.
  5. Active communication and marketing: Our recruitment consultants are experts not only in leadership and human behavior, but also in recruitment communication and marketing.

All of our consultants are solid recruitment professionals. Our certified psychologists specializing in personnel assessments conduct suitability assessments for leading applicants.

Customized for you

We are partners to our customers, and our partnership always starts by comprehensively analyzing the assignment and organization.  The successful completion of a recruitment process involves many stages where varied expertise is required:

  • planning recruitment phases, setting schedules and project management
  • defining recruitment needs on the basis of the current state and future changes
  • defining the target group and selecting the correct recruitment media
  • planning targeted recruitment marketing to attract the correct talent
  • implementing the recruitment process, while supporting a positive recruitment experience

We make resources and tools easily available to you so that you can quickly process even a large number of applications. We utilize modern systems and technologies that make it smoother to process and compare applications. For example, we provide our customers with a handy and easy-to-use recruitment system and a video installation tool.

Our aim is to have high-quality applications, not a high quantity of applications.

We conduct recruitment interviews for individuals and groups. We can carry out interviews as an assignment or together with our customers. In addition, we coach recruiting supervisors for interviews. We conduct a psychological personnel assessment for a selected group of leading applicants.

Our high-quality and customer-oriented recruitment service and up-to-date and regular applicant communication support a positive recruitment experience and builds a positive employer image, in all phases of recruitment.