Reach the best people for your company who don’t actively follow job advertisements!

Through sourcing, we also reach people who are not actively following recruitment media.

Our sourcing is based on looking for suitable professionals through the use of social media networks and, depending on the target group, the databases of our partners. We may go through hundreds of profiles to find the right talent for your needs. 

From the group of promising candidates we map out, we then present the most promising ones for the position available. Sourcing can be performed alongside a call for applications or as a stand-alone service. However, in particularly challenging searches or when a position needs to be filled as quickly as possible, we recommend a combination of these methods. 

Compared to traditional searches (headhunting, direct searches, executive searches), sourcing is a simpler, faster and cheaper option.
The best experts are not necessarily actively searching for jobs, and we believe that through sourcing, we can also reach the most successful top-level professionals who are satisfied with their current positions. For this reason, we do not use an applicant bank.

Principles of sourcing

  • Openness: We clearly communicate what the available position and your company are all about. We keep the process as open and transparent as possible, both for potential applicants and for the recruiting company.
  • Individual contact: We guarantee every person we contact the opportunity to discuss the open position in more detail. Every potential candidate is treated as an individual – we do not only communicate through systems. We always offer the opportunity to discuss, ask and provide information, and based on this to assess the willingness to discuss the task.
  • Drawing on active networks: We do not use an applicant bank – we search for suitable professionals solely through networks. In this way, we get the latest information on potential applicants rather than simply going through the same jobseekers from one search to the next.