The personnel assessment provides versatile information on the individual's behavior at work, management and working style, motivation factors and personality. All of our personnel assessments are done by legally qualified psychologists who are certified to conduct such assessments, and who also have strong business understanding and experience of the needs of different organizations. The results of the assessment allow you to make the right HR decisions or support management by recognizing HR risks and development needs. We use different types of indicators to constantly monitor quality and the success of recruitments. The accuracy of Psycon's assessments is 95%, which is clearly above the average in the field.

Our psychological personnel assessments provide high-quality, demonstrably effective information to support your HR decisions.

A wealth of benefits from HR assessments

A skillfully conducted, multi-method personnel assessment provides important information to support different types of HR decisions. It is an invaluable tool in recruitment decisions and supports the business management in recognizing development needs or in strategic successor planning, for example.

The right recruitment saves costs

The more critical the position is, the more important the recruitment investment is. The costs of a wrong recruitment equal about one year’s salary. The costs of a personnel assessment equal about one week’s salary.

A personnel assessment carried out by an expert allows you to avoid high economic and human losses caused by wrong recruitments and ensure that the best experts will not be recruited by your competitors.

Comprehensive information helps decision-making

An ordinary job interview is not enough to predict success at work. Even a structured interview done by an expert does not have the same forecasting ability as a psychological personnel assessment, which among other things also provides information on the person's behavior in different types of interaction and under pressure.

The accuracy of our assessments is 95%

We produce high-quality and demonstrably effective information to support decision-making. Continuous quality assessment is important in our operations. Our accuracy is first-rate even on international standards.

At us, you always meet the person

Confidence is earned through actions. Our customer relations have in many cases lasted decades, which is proof of our reliable, effective services. Most of our customers are among the largest organizations in Finland. Customized services and partnerships are at the core of our customer work. You have access to all of our services fluently and quickly through an appointed contact person.