Our psychological personnel assessments provide high-quality, demonstrably effective information to support your HR decisions.

The personnel assessment provides comprehensive information on the candidate's personality, motivation factors, management style and ways of working. The results can be used not only in recruitment decisions, but also in developing management and cooperation skills, in individual induction and in preparing development plans. We help you obtain information that supports decision-making and in interpreting the information until decision-making. Our services include personnel assessments, a potential survey and a management audit.

Strong psychological expertise

Our team of qualified professionals and our in-depth expertise allow us to find the right solutions even in demanding HR decisions. We specialize in the successful implementation of demanding HR assessments for specialist, manager and director positions. At us, assessments are only prepared by legally qualified psychologists.

Individual solutions

Everything we do is always based on our customers' individual needs and carefully thought-out solutions. We select personnel assessment methods according to needs and goals, and make sure that the participant finds the assessment day meaningful and positive. Customized tasks can be included in the personnel assessment to ensure that the assessment directly addresses your company's competence needs. Read more information about the implementation of personnel assessments.

Outstanding accuracy

Quality is our goal in everything we do, and we can also objectively demonstrate our quality. We use several simultaneous monitoring methods to measure quality. We are engaged in continuous methodological development work that directly addresses the needs of our customers and working life.

A single personality or ability test can never reach as reliable results as a professionally conducted psychological personnel assessment that combines several methods. An opinion relevant with regard to the whole can be formed after having met the candidate ― it cannot be generated by any machine. At us, the customer receives a report and a partner that helps it assess different solution alternatives.

Individual service

Individual service and partnership have always been our key resources. We appoint a specific contact person for you, who provides you with fluent access to all of our services.

Reliable assessments globally 

Our customers are increasingly looking for special expertise outside of Finland. In these cases as well, customers want information on potential recruits that is reliable, consistent in quality and that makes it possible to distinguish between candidates. Through virtual solutions, we can carry out the entire personal evaluation remotely if necessary. Our remote processes take place in a secure virtual environment. Our expert consultants are highly experienced in international recruitment, and are always happy to help you in assessing the results of the search.