Our personnel assessments are always based on the customer's needs.

Our personnel assessments are always based on the customer's needs, and we select assessment methods based on the criteria of each position. Electronic methods not dependent on any specific location, and methods requiring interaction, can be used in the assessments. This allows us to diversely monitor the candidate's way of working and behavior in different situations, covering his/her cooperation, data acquisition, decision-making and communication skills.

A personnel assessment can cover the following topics, for instance:

  • the candidate's capabilities to perform and succeed in the position
  • motivation, commitment and expectations
  • the natural way of working
  • problem-solving and decision-making capabilities
  • cooperation skills
  • managerial and supervisory capabilities
  • style of action and influence in different situations
  • overall development potential and career orientation
  • key development and risk areas.

Among other things, the results of personnel assessments can be used to:

  • support recruitment decisions and assist induction
  • enhance management: promote personal guidance and motivation and prepare a development plan
  • prepare strategic successor plans
  • forecast the likely action and management style
  • define the goals of the coaching and training projects offered to support the manager.

We do not produce mere data

We provide you with clear opinions and a report that focuses on matters of relevance to succeeding in the position. Instead of raw data, we promise interpretation of the results that supports decision-making and also give advice on the proper guidance and induction of the recruited person.

From the point of view of the recruited person's commitment and motivation, it is also important to look beyond the recruitment. With the results of the personnel assessment, we can build a development plan for the person to help him/her succeed in the position. For example, coaching, which is based on the 360° measurement, provides a steady ground for development and strengthening leadership skills.

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