Personnel assessment methods are used to assess the motivation, capabilities and adaptation ability of a person setting out for a foreign assignment.

Sending a person for a foreign assignment is an investment that cannot be measured in terms of money only. For the sending organization, it is often a strategically important decision that will radically change the life of the person on the assignment.  The stakes are high and the factors needed for success on foreign assignments should be investigated well before the decisions.

Support to selecting the suitable person

Succeeding on a foreign assignment depends not only on willingness, but also on personal characteristics and motivation factors. Our consultants specialized in assessing candidates suitable for foreign assignments provide information that helps the organization and the recruited person to realistically assess the preconditions for success.

  • We recognize factors that promote success on a foreign assignment.
  • We use psychological personnel assessment methods to investigate the candidate's motivation, capabilities and adaptability.

From the point of view of the candidate, the question is not only of a job but a choice that will affect his/her family life and future career development, for example. Sufficient, exhaustive assessment guarantees the success of the foreign assignment, with which both the candidate and the organization are satisfied. Where necessary, we also carry out spouse interviews, because the preconditions and motivation of the close relatives are also an important factor contributing to the success of the foreign assignment.