The reliability and predictability of our personnel assessments are first-rate by international standards.

Our accuracy is 95%

The reliability and predictability of our personnel assessments are first-rate on international standards: our accuracy is at least 95%. We assign a lot of resources to developing methods fulfilling scientific criteria. Thanks to our multi-methodology approach and expert psychologists, the predictability of our personnel assessments is first-rate on any standard.

Quality is monitored using several indicators

We monitor the quality of our personnel assessment services using several parallel indicators. We monitor all of our services and utilize the information to develop our services. Our customers receive analyzed information on the results of their investments.

High-quality data through scientific research methods

We use three types of statistical and scientific research methods in monitoring the quality of our personnel assessments.

  1. Feedback from the assessed person
    Our aim is to produce a positive experience for candidates participating in a personnel assessment. This also affects the employer image. With a study that we e-mail to the candidates who attended the assessment, we collect information on the fluency of the personnel assessment and on how professionally the interview was conducted. We utilize the resulting information in the consultants' personal development plans and in developing our services.
  2. Feedback from the client's viewpoint
    We want that our customers are satisfied with the fluency and quality of our services. We e-mail the client a survey in connection with the assignments in order to find out the client's impression about the content of our services: the speed and quality of service, the clearness and usefulness of the report, and the consultant's input for the success of the assessment situation. We make active use of this information in order to improve the quality of our assessment process.
  3. Longitudinal study of assessment accuracy
    Quality is monitored over the long term with a comprehensive study e-mailed for response by the supervisor of the candidate who attended the assessment. The study covers the actual forecasting capability of the assessment service. The study is conducted approximately eight months after the assessment by which time real-life data have been collected on the job success of the assessed person.

With the follow-up study, we can compare the forecast prepared by Psycon's experts with real-life success in the actual job. Long-term follow-up allows us to reliably and objectively investigate the accuracy of the success forecast presented in the personnel assessment report.

The comparable sample size is currently several hundreds, covering assessments from different customers, sectors and organization levels. We have also successfully customized longitudinal follow-up studies for customers who need a more detailed account of the success of their recruitment process.