The purpose of the personnel assessment is to survey your suitability for a specific position or to identify your career goals and capabilities within your organization.

Welcome to Psycon's personnel assessment. The purpose of the personnel assessment is to survey your suitability for a specific position or to identify your career goals and capabilities within your organization.

We hope that you will take full advantage of this opportunity and reflect on your work-related qualities as thoroughly as possible. The personnel assessment gives you valuable information about your strengths and areas to be developed. You can use this information in your work, in preparing a personal development plan, or even in looking for a new job. However, it should be kept in mind that each assessment is always targeted up to a certain point and, therefore, the assessment report cannot be used when applying for another position.


We take precautions to prevent coronavirus (3/2020)

We are taking precautions to prevent coronavirus. For now all the assessment sessions are virtual. You will receive instructions before your scheduled assessment.


The assessment proceeds individually

When you arrive here on your assessment session, we will tell you about the progress of the assessment, different exercises and schedules. The duration of the assessment is always individual, and depends on the purpose of the assessment and the number of different exercises. The assessment starts at 8:45 am, unless otherwise agreed. The day includes a lunch break, if the assessment continues during the afternoon. On certain days, we also conduct an assessment in the afternoon. These are agreed upon when making your appointment.

What do you need to take with you?

Please bring a photo ID with you (official identity card, driver's license or passport).  Any preliminary exercises should also be completed before your arrival.

Reliable results

The psychological personnel assessment is part of a recruitment process or resource survey. Our skilled staff and wide range of methods ensure a comprehensive and reliable assessment. All of our consultants responsible for personnel assessments are experienced psychologists specialized in occupational psychology. No mechanical conclusions are made on the basis of individual assessment methods. This limits the impact of any inadvertent mistakes on your part.

We continuously monitor the reliability and accuracy of our assessments.

According to a long-term monitoring survey, Psycon's personnel assessments are very reliable. Approximately 95 percent of our assessments hit the mark.

Making an appointment

We will contact you in order to make an appointment for a personnel assessment.  You can also call us at any of the telephone numbers below to make an appointment.

   Psycon Helsinki   

   Tel.: +358 20 710 1200 

   Psycon Lappeenranta

   Tel.: +358 20 710 1202

   Psycon Oulu

   Tel.: +358 20 710 1204

   Psycon Tampere

   Tel.: +358 20 710 1206

   Psycon Turku

   Tel.: +358 20 710 1208

More detailed contact information of our offices can be found here.

Progress of the personnel assessment

Preliminary exercises for independent working

Before the assessment day, your will receive a link to preliminary exercises via email. Using the PsycOnline system, you can complete some of the exercises beforehand at a time that best suits you. The number of exercises varies according to each case, and you should reserve enough time to answer all questions. Time required to complete all exercises varies between one to two hours.
You do not have to complete all exercises at one session. You will receive clear instructions in connection with each form and survey sent to you. All information provided by you will be delivered in strict confidence to the consultant responsible for the assessment. 

If you require more detailed instructions, email We will respond to your questions on business days between 9 am and 3 pm. If you are unable to complete the preliminary exercises, for example, due to technical difficulties, you can complete them on your personnel assessment day at our office.

What happens during the assessment?

  • The personnel assessment always includes an interview by our consultant, during which you will have the opportunity to talk about your background and about yourself more generally. You will also be able to talk about your expectations related to the specific position and your situation.
  • Surveys to be completed at your own pace are related to, for example, your career plans, personality or work motivation. You can complete these surveys during the assessment.
  • Some exercises have a time limit. These serve to assess your skills to process information and your pace of working.
  • Usually, the assessment also includes simulation exercises. These help to assess your capabilities to collect information, communicate and make decisions.

At the beginning of each exercise and situation, their objective will be explained and the necessary instructions will be given.

Reporting and feedback

You will automatically receive a written summary of the assessment via email, prepared by a consultant. The feedback is intended as information in support of your solutions, but it can also be used as a tool to improve your skills and advance your career. You can always talk about your results, report and assessment with Psycon's consultant.

The results will be reported to you and the client company in about a week after the final assessment. We handle all results and personal data confidentially.

Safekeeping and reuse of reports

We keep the personnel assessment reports and assessment materials for two years in accordance with the recommendations of the Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman.

The person assessed has the possibility to contact us later, for example, to receive feedback. The report may only be used for the specified purpose and will not be handed over to others without the permission of the person assessed.

We do not recommend that you reuse the report as such under any circumstances. However, the assessment material may, at discretion, be partly reused in a new assessment if the first personnel assessment was conducted fairly recently. This should be agreed upon separately in each case.

Please read also Psycon’s Privacy Policy.